/e/ (formerly Eelo) first beta is here and it supports FP2!

Did you have a look at the /e/ FAQ?

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Vielen Dank! Ich habe jetzt einfach mal die Synchronisation der Fotos und Videos ausgeschaltet, nachdem ich die Einstellung im Konto gefunden habe… Muss ich wohl dran denken sie immer mal wieder bei WLAN anzuschalten… Blöd dass man dass nicht einstellen kann. Aber so hat mir die Funktion viel zu viel meines Datenvolumens gefressen.

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Ist ja auch nur ein Workaround.
Gael hat zum Workaround geschrieben:

Until we find a solution that will be available using our over the air system update

There’s now a /e/ OS Roadmap for 2020.


/e/ users,
click the heart (= like) on this topic in the /e/ forum to push for a fix of the no-shutdown issue, or for an upgrade to Android Pie version:

I’m pretty sure it makes more sense to upvote the bug report in the bug tracker.

I find the bug but where do you vote? https://gitlab.e.foundation/e/management/issues/418



Fellow /e/ users,
lets all click on the thumbs up here (Gitlab account needed):

I think it’s marvelous that Karsten has made the appropriate code available to /e/ to fix the issue!
On the other side I’ve already been using the (unofficial) /e/ pie versión for nearly half a year. And this version runs perfectly and shows no shutdown bug. So I see no reason in fixing the old versions instead of making /e/ pie oficial…


We need to let them see how many we are. Vote with a heart please:


There is a call for beta testing for the Pie (android 9) version of /e/


I will look into that as soon as I will receive my FP2! Thanks for the links!

It seems that in about one week there will be the official FP2 Pie build of /e/!

Good news!


I got my FP2 now, and installed the unofficial Pie Version already. The official one will be out this Monday 10th!


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There’s now an /e/ OS ‘Q’ alpha build in test phase.


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