/e/ for FP3 (Google free OS)

What about it?
/e/ on the Fairphone 3 is not based on LineageOS (Edit: Seems I was wrong here based on the timeline. /e/ looks a lot like LineageOS and LineageOS references are in fact everywhere in /e/.) , and it is Android 9 for now.
Perhaps you should direct your question here …

That may mean that Fairphone won’t be developing a FPOOS for FP3.
Seems logical: why spend the time and effort developing something if someone else has already done it? A partnership with /e/ sounds ideal in that perspective


Exactly my thought, too.

Either way, it represents a close to perfect solution for me between Fairphone and /e/. Even better would be a combination of puri.sm’s PureOs together with Fairphone…who knows, maybe for the FP4/5? :grinning:


Great news! This is what I was looking forward to.

First of all, I would like to thank wholeheartedly everyone involved in making this possible. :clap:

As I am not an advanced user, I will patiently wait a bit until the installation process has been proven to be safe. Meanwhile, I will study the relevant guides: :nerd_face:



Warning : Do not attempt to downgrade your smartphone in case you are on Android Q / LOS 17.0 or Android Pie / LOS 16.x.

Downgrading a device from Q or Pie to Oreo or Nougat operating system can cause your device to brick and become unusable.

If you are on these OS versions Please stop at this point and continue using your current Operating System.

Thats a joke no? The Fairphone is deliverd with Android Pie. Does that mean, you can actually not install /e/ on a Fairphone because your fairphone is deliverd with Android pie and downgrade would brake it?


Since the /e/ version for FP3 is based on Pie it is not a downgrade…


True, but they still would need to clean up the “If you are on these OS versions Please stop at this point” part.

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Today in mainstream news

awesome job guys. Thanks.


There is also a german article about it …


Thank. What is the main issue that prevents porting android 11 to FP3? GSI, TWRP?

I would say the main issue is that somebody has to do the porting, and that nobody can perform magic :wink: .

Fairphone OS is Android 9 currently.
/e/ is Android 9 currently.
The emerging LineageOS 16 is Android 9.

Android 10 GSIs and even an Android 11 GSI are out there, but don’t work on the Fairphone 3 so far, see [HOW TO] Flash a custom ROM on FP3 with GSI.

I think the first important step would be Fairphone releasing an official Android 10.


Yep read that yesterday and went directly to install it ^^


Hope to hear good news from you :slightly_smiling_face:

So far it works good, albeit not bugfree (it a beta after all):
Camera, wifi, mobile data, fingerprint works

I only ran into some Some Minor hickups:

  • TTS seems to be missing (bug? or is there yust no good libre alternative to google available?)
  • Live Display can’t be activated (Definetly a bug)
  • And the default digital clock widget keeps disappearing

But that >bugs< :wink: me less then the default launcher which is moddeled after ios, aka no way to hide apps from your desktop, because you have no desktop, but only a applauncher with all installed apps. REEE

The default selection of apps are mostly rebranded quality flos-software, eg.

  • “Mail” is a rebranded k9-mail with minor design adjustments
  • “Browser” is a rebranded chromium
  • “Tasks” is the open source app “Tasks” with a different icon
  • “Notes” is a rebranded nextcloud notes with the minor adjustment that i recomends you to sign into your /e/ account when you start it (but a button below which says sign into other server where you can enter any nextcloud server)

You see the pattern :wink:
I didn’t create an /e/ account but judging from what the feature list said and that nextcloud notes can connect to it, my educated guess is that it’s a nextcloud account on a server run by the /e/ foundation with no direct data access but only the webdav and notes syncing features etc.

One caviat I have: Albeit the default selection of apps is very good, you can’t deactivate most of them, for example as a browser i still prefer somethinf firefox based so i want to deactivate the “browser” app to hide it and it’s updates, no change there.
Same for calender, gallery, clock, recorder, notes, mail, contacs, I’m not sure if i checked every app, but as far as i can tell the only one you can deactivate are LibreOffice Viewer, Music, MicroG, and OpenKeychain.

edit: never mind you get data storage with your /e/ account:

Create your /e/ account with a free @e.email email address and free 1 Gbyte /e/ cloud storage:

edit 2: it seems that the applications can be deactivated but only from adb: https://community.e.foundation/t/can-i-delete-the-weather-widget/4809


Installed /e/ yesterday, worked out fine. Using it without an /e/ account.
I have noticed 2 things so far:

  • Scrolling is a little bit laggy

  • When I use HDR mode, the camera terminates, image is not saved
    For me important: I have Netguard installed and no Google queries in the log yet!


No, they have the full Nextcloud web UI available plus webmail.

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It’s great to have /e/ as a open source os for the Fairphone 3.
Unfortunately I have to use some apps that need google (like Top40.nl).
Is it possible to install Gapps on /e/?

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/e/ has microG as gapps replacement and I think you can’t have both.

The question would be if those apps would work with microG, I guess.


ok 2 more bugs for /e/: you can’t install the original OpenTasks
the adb error: “adb: failed to install org.dmfs.tasks_78500.apk: Failure [INSTALL_FAILED_DUPLICATE_PERMISSION: Package org.dmfs.tasks attempting to redeclare permission org.dmfs.permission.WRITE_TASKS already owned by foundation.e.tasks]”
DAVx5 installs but crashes on start and give a long error log. I expect something similar because /e/ has also an integrated dav service where the login dialoge pretty much looks like DAVx5

Soo these rebranded apps kinda break stuff. If such problems occure I would strongly prefer if they just deploy the original apps.

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