Dysfunctional phone because of multiple problems

Hello, At this moment, the fairphone I bought last october is so dysfunctionnal that I can’t even make or receive a call without the phone becoming unresponsive. I can’t make a photo without the application freezing or shutting down. Shutting down and restarting the phone several times a day affects battery life.

I already lost all my data already when the fairphone rebooted itself and erased everything on its own accord.

Overall, since I purchased the fairphone last October, I have had frequent problems with basic functions. I am putting up with it because I support the fairphone business model. Nonetheless, I notice that things get worse by the day.

My current view is that the fairphone in its post basic function is not reliable and I would not recommend it for professional use because of its unpredictability.

Do you use an SD card in the phone which is configured as “internal storage”?


Where did you buy the phone? As long as you didn’t buy it second hand and it’s already old you still have warranty (2 years), so just contact Fairphone support to have it repaired/replaced.

Before you send it in you’ll have to backup and erase your data. When you do that perform a thorough #dic:hardreset and maybe also manually reinstall the OS. If after that the phone still doesn’t work without any cards inside you can be very sure it’s a hardware issue. It’s good to be sure of that because if Fairphone determines that it’s in fact a usage issue they could bill you for their repair service.


There were a few apps in the past that caused severe problems and had a massively negative impact on stability. First to mention the Facebook app. I’m not sure if this still applies to Android 7 now.

Which OS are you running anyway?

Hello, yes there is a SD card but installed as external storage.
What is your suggestion?

Hello i bought it new from the fairphone shop. I was told to do the hard reset but the instructions are really obtuse for me. I searched for an angel while in Paris but no one replied to me.

With the problems worsening by the day, customer service proposed that i send the fairphone for repair, which i will probably do.

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Sorry, in this case I don’t have a suggestion. In case of an internally used SD card memory I think this could have been the reason for similar problems.

Just go into your Settings then to “Backup & reset” and click “Factory data reset” then “Reset phone”. The phone will do the rest. Then your personal data should all be removed so it’s safe to send the phone in for repair.

Thanks a lot Paula.
I would like to retrieve the data but when i plug in the fairphone to a computer, the device is not recognized and i can not save anything. What would you suggest?

Hello, i use Android (would have liked open OS but it is too difficult to undersrtand how to make the switch, would need an angel…) and not using social média app (no facebook).

Did you unlock the phone and slide down notifications to change mode from charging to data transfer

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Do screenshots help? …

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OK thanks to the two advices given on saving data, i will try them and keep you informed on my fairphone adventures
I will then reboot and see what happen.
Finding an angel in Paris would be great though…

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