Dust protection

Hello (this is Amanda´s partner, not her)
I´m going to order a FP2 it seems to be really nice.
But I have a problem. I´m working in very a dusty environment where I need easy access to my phone. Do you have any suggestions on how could I keep it in good order while still being able to get at it quickly if necessary? Is there something similar to a otterbox that would work? Any special plastic bag that would allow me to use the touch screen and talk with it on? would a daily cleaning work or will the dust get in to the components?

I´m a carpenter, any one else here ho works with something similar? How does your phone like it?

Kind regards Sam Würth

Hi Sam,

I can’t speak for use in a carpentry, but I’ve put my FP2 in a “beach bag” on the beach days in my last holiday. That works fine, there was no sand or water in or on the phone afterwards. Of course, using the phone is not as easy as it is usually but reading e-books was no issue (unlocking with password -takes longer as usual-, starting e-book app, swiping pages works). Generally, if you do not need precise movement on the touchscreen (especially hitting small buttons is tricky) I can recommend the use of such a bag. Unfortunately, I can’t give the item description of my bag, it was a no-name item from kodi.

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