Dust in FP3 camera


i got some dust within my FP3 camera. Is their any way to clean it?

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Is it front facing camera? Can you confirm it is IN the camera and not between camera and display? Cause then a disassembly and quick wipe would help :wink:

As a last resort, I wouldn’t feel bad to go for one of those ✏ List of people selling or giving away their FP3(+) camera modules


Thank you very much

It’s the rear facing camera and I’m pretty sure it’s inside the camera.

Recently I got exactly the same problem and since I have some experience with such camera modules, I’m pretty sure that I could “disintegrate” it for cleaning. But putting it together wouldn’t work well, as I couldn’t adjust the lens at exactly the same place as before. I think it’s easier and cheaper to just buy a new or used module to replace it, although I don’t like the idea of throwing away a fully functional camera which only has a small dust particle in it.

Never tried it out, but before you change the module nevertheless… Maybe try to give it a rinse with a pipette and some rubber alcohol?

Even if you don’t get the dust out, there is the possibility to move it out of sight. It could even work with a hard blow of air?

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