Dude, where’s my phone?

I bought my Fairphone 2 through Digitec CH back in June - it worked fine until the beginning of October when it suddenly died… It didn’t respond to anything and I tried lots of different chargers and tried the suggestions on the Fairphone 2 forum. If I took the battery out and plugged the phone in, then sometimes a red light came on for about a second or two.

Anyway, returned to Digitec…3 weeks later I got message that they couldn’t fix it and and had sent it back to Fairphone… another 3 weeks and I’ve heard nothing and the customer support don’t seem to respond to their customers directly, so here I am asking publically: where is my phone? Being a social-enterprise isn’t an excuse for crappy customer service.

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this is a community forum. You won’t reach Fairphone support or Digitec CH staff here which eventually could help you further, for which further data than the one you provide here in the community forum.

So I wonder what reply you expect here.

Good luck and success for your repair issue!


I’d continue to handle this via Digitec’s support. They’ll have to make sure they get your phone back from Fairphone or if not, give you a new one.


I have Fp2 since the first months. Had a similar, perhaps the same problem. The first element for charging within my Fp2 (I forgot the name) had been defect. Fairphone service was really friendly and helpful (telephone) and sent a new element. I could easily build it in by myself.

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thanks all,- what is the telephone number? Their website does a good job of hiding it… but I willl try again through Digitec, as I don’t have the necessary serial numbers to use the online form on the Freephone website

To talk to Digitec might be best, as Fairphone maybe doesn’t even have your name as Digitec is the link.


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