DualSIM apps to recommend?

Hi Everyone,

When I decided to buy a fairphone, I really worried about known problems and roadmap of the company (see: 11/2016 - Buy a fairphone or wait next announcement?).

I wanted to thanks everyone who reassured me, because I really dont regret my decision to get a Fairphone 2.

Since one month now, it work perfectly. Battery is better than a Samsung S4, absolutely no lag in any apps (including games), free of bloatware, phone, gps, cam & sound are really perfect for me.

My only regret: I had to find my self some app to smartly use dualsim (I use it a lot in my life, I have to switch cards for any sms/call because my family is in another country, so I need a smart management of that). Dualsim features of android/fairphone are simply too basic for me.

About that, does anyone know the better apps (or OS ? what about open OS ?) for dualsim ? Did I miss something ? For SMS I use “Zero SMS”, and “Pixel phone” for phone, but it’s not perfect…


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I use truephone as a dialer app. That’s good. Except it has no widget for direct calling.

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