Dualsim - 2 questions

Hi guys
Many thanks for this forum to you - I love reading it since weeks to get more informations about the FP3. I bought mine about 2 days ago and my journey called “Move from IOS” has just started. :slight_smile:

I managed everything until now and it seems that my FP3 is THE phone for me but I still have 2 questions about the MultiSIM feature which I wasn’t able to solve until now.

  • I have a private and a company sim card. My private is switched on 24h / day but my company card should only actived from 8am to 5pm. Is there a easier way to switch it on/off? Maybe a Widget or better a automatic way?
  • I used a Samsung device for some days and what I have seen there is that you have the opportunity to create “Multi Accounts” like WhatsApp for SIM Card 1 and WhatsApp for Sim Card 2. Can I do this also with my FP3?

Many thanks!


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Hi Dominique,

a Play Store search for “Dual SIM” brought up this result which should solve your first issue:

There seems to be a plethora of app cloners available. I have not used any of those myself and therefore cannot recommend a particular one. Just search for “App Cloner” in the Play Store (or your favorite app store) and see if you find anything in the results that you like.

Best wishes,

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As for the “app cloner” (i.e. different profiles of one app), the one I can recommend (because it is free/libre open-source software) is Shelter.

I don’t know if you can even get it from Google Play, but to go spyware-free, it’s best to use the alternative Android app store F-Droid anyway.
So here is a link:

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