Dual WhatsApp and Signal

I moved from the Netherlands to Sweden. I want to keep my Dutch phone number for a year or so. Telegram has an option to use one app with four accounts, Messenger works on your FB profile. Signal and WhatsApp are a pain the in ass.

I have been using CloneApps but the second WhatsApp account is not kept running so I only receive notifications when the app is open.

I tried another clone app, which was so full of ads it was annoying.

I was looking for something Samsung calls Dual Messenger and found the FP User Profiles. But what I read is that I have to switch user profile before I can use the other account. Is that true? Or will both WhatsApp instances run and receive notifications?

Are there any other solutions, experiences?


you could try Iceland or Shelter
both set up a “work profile” on your phone
Programs in the work profile are isolated from the main profile, e.g. they have their own address book
This should allow the apps to run twice
I use Iceland to keep such apps away from the real address book

To be observed:
I have an FP2 with Android9 + root, it might work less well with earlier versions without root
Data can only be copied between the main and work profile via detours

Ah, thanks! Installing Shelter now (via F-Droid). I have a FP2 but I think it’s running Android 7 still. Did you do a manual update? Mine is not rooted either.

Shelter installed OK, I have a work profile now. Now let’s see if I can run two instances of WhatsApp at the same time, receiving notifications for both, without switching profiles…

I do hope to find a way to share my contacts…


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I have installed LineageOS 16 (=Android 9) on my FP2
it is quite feasible, if you are willing to deal with the basics of Android, you can’t expect more support from Fairphone itself

Sharing the contacts:
if you synchronize both address books with the same Google account, then both should have the same content
Since I don’t want to do exactly that, you have to try it yourself :wink:

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Whats the issue with Signal?
I am using it with dual SIM and it lets me select SIM1 or SIM2 or Data(If the other part has Signal, not sure what to call it). It will also remember my choice.
Or do you already have two accounts for Signal and dont want to combine the two?

Signal does not care if an other SIM card is inserted. You still get all your Signal messages to your dutch number, even if you have the Swedish SIM card in your phone. Does this help?

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Hm, I remember now. My wife wanted me to have a special app that required Google Apps so I went for the other OS instead of Lineage. Damn. And I am not even using that app! :smile: Now I have to do a lot to change to Lineage. Ah well… Thanks for the info though!

With WhatsApp’s problems I still have Signal on my Dutch number only, but would like to switch everything to my Swedish phone number. I have more WhatsApp contacts so I wanted to have a year to have people get used to my new phone number, but for Signal I am going to change my number in one go so don’t need two instances of Signal.

If you don’t mind all WhatsApp contacts (or at least those that have chatted with you in the past) having your new number: WhatsApp > Settings > Account > Change Number. They’ll get a notification in their existing chats that your number has changed, which they can tap to add your new number to their address book. Admittedly, I’m not sure what will happen if they don’t add your new number and try to message you regardless - so your idea of having a year’s grace might work out better.

I know about the Change Number of course but have never seen the results. If my contacts get a notification about my new number that’s a good result, I can live with that, including some people not reading that message! Thanks!

have you tried the business version of What’s app? I have a Samsung dual simm from work and What’s App didn’t let me use to numbers, But I downloaded What’s App Business and have one number on each app, now it works perfectly…

No, never tried it, I assumed it was a paid version or had some other requirements. I’ll give it a go. To be sure, I’ll use my old phone number for the WhatsApp Business app, that will be deleted in a year or so. Thanks for the tip!

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