Dual Sim usage with WhatsApp on FP4?!

Hi All,
I’ve decided to move from my previous phone to FP4. Now I’m just on my way to set it up. I use the FP4 with two SIM cards and i want to setup for both a WhatsApp account. Somewhat I haven’t found how to do it?!
I have it on my old phone and i have my both SIM cards activated and working on FP4.
Any hint?
I’m looking forward to your support!
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Hi and welcome to the forum.

I use Whatsapp Business for the second number. There are other ways like adding another user account or I think apps like shelter would work as well, however to me its easiest to just use 2 different apps

Edit: an older FP2 topic but I think its giving good insight to Apps like Shelter if you are interested


Hi @yvmuell,
Many thanks for your quick feedback!
Does it mean that there is a major change from Android 10 (my previous phone) to Android 11 (my FP4) in terms that dual-sim-dual-account is not supported any more with WhatsApp?
Is this an Android feature or is it specific to FP / Samsung (my old phone)?
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no there is no change. Some other Smartphones like Samsung e.g. have a feature embedded in the System to allow Dual accounts for Messenger, however Fairphones never had this.


Thank you again for the fast response!

So there is a first learning for me: Samsung supports Dual Sim much more comfortable than generic Android / FP?!

I mean it’s not a deal breaker but interesting anyhow…so I will try WhatsApp Business

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Not really.

Samsung and Xiaomi just have developed a sytem app that clones an existing app to another same app, but with a different name and all things that must be changed to avoid conflicts between the two “same” apps.

However, other brands don’t do that, and Fairphone as well. That would need more development, and as Shelter is working well, that’s not really useful :smile:

For information, Shelter uses the “Professional profile” to use one or more apps, with another account, in this Professional profile, instead of the personal one, activated by default. That makes two separates icons on your phone for each app, and you don’t have to switch profiles manually.

Here’s a little look at how it looks :wink: (for a Samsung Phone)
Camera app in the Personal profile

Camera app in Professional profile
Screenshots taken from this video : Live #1 Easily Isolate Your Android Apps (Shelter App) - YouTube

Note : normally, Shelter is used to isolate one or more apps from the other ones, generally for privacy reasons


Hi @citroniais,

many thanks for your reply, however I’m not sure if your suggested option is a solution for me. I need to use the “working profile” anyway on my phone to get access to my employers network. My employer does not offer to install e.g. WA in the working profile.

So can I have another (second) working profile with shelter? If not, it’s no solution, I’m afraid…

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As mentioned before, following the relevant piece of Shelter’s documentation, it doesn’t help me:

Also, Shelter cannot create more than 1 work profile on one Android device, and cannot co-exist with any other apps that manages a Work Profile. This is due to the limitations of the Android system, and I can do nothing about this.

What’s up Business is the solution which works for me!


Oh, never heard about someone using it for work, you’re the first one

As you have seen, no, you can’t. That’s due to Android limitations that allows one work profile (because it was not meant to be used in the way Shelter does)

Perfect :smile:

Have a good day !

The Fairphone 4 has dual sim so that is pretty nice. I don’t like to use two different phones for work and private but now I have issues with using Whatsapp. I would like to have a dual app so I can use both phonenumbers on WhatsApp. Does anyone know how to make this work without using a third party clone app? Would be nice if it was possible using the Android software just like it is possible on my old Samsung phone.

Hi and welcome, moved your post to this recent discussuion, answers can be found above I think

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I think your only real shot is to use Insular and then installing WhatsApp in a work profile. That way you have one WhatsApp in your main profile and one in your work profile.

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I’d like to use whatsapp with both my sim cards.
This is easily done on other platforms:
Samsung: Dual Messenger
*Xiaomi (MIUI): Dual apps
Oppo: Clone Apps
Vivo: App clone
Asus: Twin apps
Huawei and Honor: App Twin

Lack of this functionality reduces how useful the phone is re: seperating work and home communication.

Hi and welcome, I opened another topic about WA and dual SIM and moved your post here. Pleae see above

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Perhaps the app Shelter can provide what you need.