Dual sim standby issue after call

Hello everyone,

I have not found any topic on this forum about my issue so I’m posting it out there to see if someone can help me about this.

System : Original Fairphone OS

The issue:

I use my FP4 with two SIM:

  • eSIM is work
  • Physical SIM is personnal

With this two SIM cards, I have the following preferences setup:

  • Mobile data card : eSIM
  • Calls : Ask everytime which SIM to use (to avoid calling with my personnal SIM when I have to call back customers)
  • SMS : Physical SIM by default, if I need to send with eSIM, I switch from the app (Google Messages app) and select the one I want.

Mobile data are block on the physical SIM, I just use it for SMS/MMS and calls only, I use eSIM data or Wifi if I need an internet connection.

My issue is that when I receive a call regardless of the SIM card, after the call, I can send SMS, give call, all work for both SIM card when I’m doing an action but on my physical SIM, if I receive a call or an SMS (after the first call is ended) people calling me get straight to my voice messenger and I can’t receive any SMS either.

The workaround I found is to make a call with my physical SIM that is not able to receive anything anymore to receive all SMS that I missed at once. I do not have feedback from the calling app if someone try to call me without leaving a voice message while this issue occured (but that might be the default use case for everyone only for the notification).

Others workarounds that work but are pain to do after any call I receive: reboot the phone / change the option on physical SIM on 3G/4G/2G network to another and switch back (had to use 4G to receive MMS)

My issue is that I think that somehow, the standby mode is stuck on the physical SIM card until I actually “use it” manually by making a call (sending SMS do not make me receive the one waiting to be send to me on the carrier network), I don’t know what to do with this, the fact that the SIM card enter in standby mode is already something that I have to deal with.

I upgrade from dual SIM old Asus phone with Android 6 for a brand new FP4 using Android 12 to find out my old phone handle call redirect between SIM card that a brand new phone can’t is disapointed enought but this issue is a pain for everyday usages.

I have already spend money on a new physical SIM card thinking it could solve my issue but it doesn’t.

Is anyone also encounter this issue ? Am I unlucky and get a phone with issue since the beginning ? This issue is happening since I have set up everything on this phone and I have no other phone handling eSIM to wipe everything on my current FP4.

Thanks for the reading and any reply I can get from here!

If anyone came accross this issue, I think I found out where the issue is, Instead of selecting network 5G/4G/3G/2G on the eSIM card and 4G/3G/2G on the physical one I switch to:

  • 4G/3G/2G on eSIM
  • 4G/3G/2G on physical SIM

It seems the issue is somewhere on the 5G handling with dual SIM, if I remember correctly, since only one SIM card can use 5G network, something might lock/disconnect network on physical SIM after the standby mode.

It’s working after call receive on eSIM, physical SIM still work, I’ll give a feedback if this is the same when receiving calls on physical SIM.


Welcome to the forum and thanks for the info.

I think it would be useful to contactsupport so as to make sure that official Fairphone support know about this.
It might also be useful to discuss it with the eSIM network operator; you may have to contact your work IT or phone service administrators.

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Hi OldRoutard,

Thanks for the response, my physical SIM and eSIM providor are the same (Free mobile), my work SIM is for my company so I’m the only support that I can talk with sadly and I do not have enought knowledges about phone networks or phone debug to dig around and debug this issue myself and generelly speaking, I’m not incline to tweak things to see because I do not have a backup phone to use in case something goes wrong.

I’ll fill a contact support to let them know what I found to “bypass” the issue and see if that could be reproduced on an other phone that the one I have.

J’avais mis la langue française dans le post mais n’est pas pris le temps de faire la traduction, en Anglais tout le monde devrais pouvoir avoir l’information plus facilement :slight_smile:

Merci OldRoutard, je continuerai de mettre à jour ce post en fonction des retours du support.

Thanks OldRoutard, I’ll keep this post update if I get something on this issue from FP support that could be useful to other.


There’s no need to. This problem can be corrected only by FP or by the operator (Free) and only they will be able to say which, so it’s best to let them both know. I don’t think that there’s any adjustment that you can make, but you should be able to designate one SIM or the other for use with 5G.

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