Dual Sim - restrict app backround data nor possible (when SIM in slot 2 is switched off)

Hey, I have inserted two sim-cards into my FP2 but normally (in Germany) I only use SIM Card in slot 1 (this card is set as preferred SIM for mobile data, Cals and SMS) and therefore have switched off SIM card in slot 2 (which I only use abroad).
In order to limit data traffic when operating on mobile data I tried to restrict the background data usage of certain apps when background data is enabled. Normally this can be set under data usage but when I have switched the second SIM card off, this option is not shown. The option to restict background data in general ( via … menu in upper right edge of data usage settings. It only shows option Network restrictions).
When I enable SIM 2 again the Data usage menu shows all expected options and Restrict app background data option is available again.

This problem was already present in Fairphone OS 1.2.7 but I hoped that is was related to the other dual sim issues and solved, too.

Any ideas ?

Bit of a long shot, but:
In your setup, does SIM2 ever get the 4G connection? If so, does switching 4G to SIM1 before disabling SIM2 help?

Thanks for your reply.
Most probably SIM2 never got 4G connection (not available at home). Nevertheless I have switched 4G to SIM1 before disabling SIM2. But it did not help.
Last value of “Mobile data” settings (enabled or disabled) also seems to have no effect.

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