Dual sim prepaid Lebara in the UK (FP1)

I just got home from my holiday in Schotland.
In Edinburgh I went into a shop to buy a prepaid simcard so I could call/text and check the internet while I was there.
Lebara, 1000 minutes, limitless text en 2Gb data for GBP10,-
When I put the sim-card in my FP1 it got phone and text. No data. The salesman said that dual sim was not possible in the UK. I didn’t believe him. In a café with WiFi I checked the internet and immediately found this article:


And presto! I can acces the data!

I must say, it only worked flawless in Edinburgh and Newcastle upon Tyne.
All the other places I went data didn’t work or only sometimes.
(Near Aviemore, on top of a mountain and close to the coast when I was on my way to Islay.)
Phone and texting worked everywhere I went.

Just wanted to share this with you all.


Regarding your connectivity problems and for future reference: 3G only works on one SIM card at a time. So if you are in another country, you have to disable 3G for your home SIM card, to have fast internet on your second SIM card.

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Glad to hear you got things working

Thanks for the reply! I’ll do that next time I’m abroad.

Still I think it’s strange. In my opinion dual sim means using 1 phone with 2 sims at the same time.
When you want to call you can select 1 of the 2 sims. (the current one gets underlined)
Shouldn’t this be the same with data?

Unfortunately not with the Fairphone 1(U). Maybe it will work with FP2 though!?

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