Dual Sim Mobile Data only working when using single sim

I have a german SimCard and now also a swiss SimCard, when having both SimCards inserted i dont get mobile data connection(internet) even though i have the mobile data checked on for my swiss SimCard. When i only use the swiss SimCard and unplug german SimCard the mobile data works just fine.

How can i use both simCards at the same time correctly?

This way i could get Calls from both Numbers and switch Mobile Data on/off depending what country i am in.
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So you have tried to disable mobile data and roaming on the German SIM instead of completely disabling the SIM card? You can only use mobile data on 1 SIM at once.

What OS in which Version have you installed?

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Turning on Mobile Data for the right SIM is only part of the job. Did you make sure to also switch ‚ÄúData Preference‚ÄĚ to the correct SIM?


I havent seen the setting before. Android doesnt offer it when accessing it through the swipedown menu.
When going through the settings->network/internet->simcards I found the data-preferences.
the swisscom store techs also didnt know that.
thanks a lot.


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