Dual sim issues (internet at first, and now internet and calls too)

Hello everyone!

I’ve been using my FP2 in dual sim in the USA for three months and since I’ve been back in France last week, I haven’t been able to have decent internet connection. I used it in France before for one month and it worked perfectly fine too.

I checked with my operator (Bouygues) everything they could (settings, changing the sim, which is working in one of their phones), and it seems that it comes from the FP2.

I think I installed the latest update the day that I came back so it could be linked to it

I checked a bunch of subjects related to internet bugs, tried a few stuff and nothing has changed yet (restarted my phone after trying them).

Does anyone fixed the same bug before? Thank you so much!

Are you sure your preferred network mode is set to 4G or 3G? Check it in Settings–>More …–>Celular networks–>Preferred network type
If it is, check your APN settings (Settings–>More …–>Celular networks–>Access Point Names)
Here you might find some help: http://forum.bouyguestelecom.fr/questions/884680-parametrer-apn-telephone

I checked the APN settings a million times, also done all the way again with Bouygues.

Also tried the “preferred network” thing and disabled and removed the sim that I’m not using anymore so it couldn’t conflict with it.

I also changed the sim from spot 1 to 2 to be sure.

On the link I sent you there’s a discussion about a bug in CyanogenMod and a solution for it. Did you try this already?

Thank you for your help, but as I said, the APN info that I’m using right now have been given to me a few days ago by the support themselves so they are actually accurate. I don’t have the pro/whatever name issue. Is that what you meant?

Oh wow. There it is, working again. I did some tests with the link you send me, but it wasn’t working so I put everything back to the original parameter… I have no idea what happened there. Thank you!

Back here! (unfortunately)

I’ve moved for a few weeks to another part of the world, bought a new SIM, tried to use it and I still have issues (this is getting old). I can receive and send text, I can receive calls, I can connect to the Edge network, but I can’t make calls and have internet over Edge.

I’ve tried changing the APN settings again (they were fine), I went to my operator that did the changes itself, tried the sim in another phone (it works). So far, following the exchanges I had with FF support, I would only have the factory settings backup solution left, which is a pain obviously. :grin:

I’ve been in contact with the support but I would like to know if I’m the only perso ever to have recurrent dual SIM issues of that kind.

Thanks for sharing!

Answer to myself : I’ve solved the internet thing by changing the “preferred network type” parameters. I still cannot call from that SIM thought.

Does anyone know if it is mandatory to have 3G+ only on one SIM? Are they going to allow both to potentially work at the same time in the future?

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Yes, 3G/4G only works on one SIM at a time, actually mobile data only works on one SIM at a time (I think), and only one SIM can be set to 3G. If you want to use the other SIM in 3G mode, you first need to switch the other one to 2G.
With my limited technical understanding I dont’t think this ever will change because we only have one modem built in and I doubt it can handle 2 connections at a time.

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