Dual SIM is slowing mobile data?

I added a second SIM recently and ever since the mobile data (which runs on the first SIM) has slowed down remarkably. Sometimes so much that I don’t have any connectivity in open space.
Has anyone experienced something similar? Or knows how to help?

Thanks in advance

As far as I know, you can set only one card on 4G and the other on 2G. Perhaps you need to adjust these settngs.

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Check if your first SIM is still set to 4G/3G (and not to 2G only). Maybe this setting changed automatically when you inserted the second SIM.

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I only have mobile data in one card and the other one is set on 3G/4G. Currently it runs in E maximum. I cant even acces the simplest apps… It takes forever to send a whatsapp message

If the the one without internet is set to 3G/4G, you have to set it to 2G. Afterwards you can set the internet SIM to 3G/4G.

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Aaaaaah, now I got it. Found it and changed it. Thanks a lot :slight_smile: