Dual sim individual on/off status with lineage 15.1 and modem 18.03

After reading various posts I’m not sure about the status of the on/off feature of sim cards with lineage 15.1 and modem files 18.03 (dual sim configuration).
I’v seen these infos:

I would like to switch to lineage to be able to upgrade android version (currently I have official FP2 firmware) but my 2nd sim card is off 90% of the time…

Can anybody share her or his experience regarding this feature (does it realy work or does it only hide status icon or does it not work at all ?) or point me to other relevant source of information ?

Official Android 7 is coming :wink: .

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Thanks, I can’t wait for it to be released :wink:

Can anyone confirm that deactivating the SIM in SIM settings really deactivates the SIM slot but only make it disappear in top bar.
If I deactivate the SIM I still receive SMSs or make calls.
Thx stefan

Ok, it’s out now, but you won’t be happy …

“Regarding disabling SIMs: This option is indeed not available on Android 7. Currently we cannot say if we will be able to bring back to feature, but for sure it will not be included in the first official Android 7 release for Fairphone 2.”

Also …

Perhaps this explains why it doesn’t work in LineageOS, too?

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