Dual Sim Different Ringtones FP4

Hello! Just got my FP4 and very happy with it! However; just a minor snag: there seems to be no way to have a different ringtone for each sim (this is normally possible in Android 10; I suppose the same for Android 11). I looked everywhere - can’t seem to be able to find it. Is this specific for Fairphone OS? Thanks!

Hi and welcome…
There was the same query during the FP3 ‘years’ :slight_smile: you’ll find such through searching.

Consequently I think it is a default Android issue rather than Fairphone but then maybe other manufactureres modify their OS to allow such.

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Thanks Amoun! I had other dual sims phones before this one and they all allowed to have different ringtones, but as you said, this could be a default Android issue. Oh, well, not a disaster really. Maybe this could be a suggestion to improve the Fairphone OS? :wink:

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Hi Fairfax,

I wouldn’t be surprised if you find there is isn’t a setting to have an alternate ringtone for the second SIM. I should say Idon’t own the FF4. Fairphone support or those who do own one may supply you with a definitive answer. If if its anything like the FP3 which I do own, annoyingly it has no such setting.

I’m pretty sure it would be possible for Fairphone to add the feature as there were developers on the play store offering applications that claimed they could do it. Fairphone have shown no interest in adding this so far, so don’t hold your breath ;). My previous phone (HTC) had the setting.

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