Dual sim card problems

Hi, i have had FP1 for 4 years and was happy with it until it malfunctioned. Bought FP2, but have been having dual sim card problems. Need to talk to somebody who can help. Does anybody have details on who or which number to contact for technical support?
After many attempts to sort things out, my husband gave up and bought another smart phone and i really do not want to resort to that… it has been nice supporting something i perceive as fairer. Thank you.

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Please see #contactsupport .
Or … what problems do you have exactly? Perhaps somebody of the community here can help.


Hi, thank you for your quick reply. My problem is that only one sim card is working at one time, ie i have to disable one of the sim cards, which means i cannot use them at the same time. I pay bills with one of the sim cards.

I’m on LineageOS and don’t use Dual SIM, so some basic stuff until somebody who knows more comes around …

For community troubleshooting … What exactly does it say in Settings - About phone - Build number?

Do you have to disable the second SIM card to get connectivity at all, or just to get mobile data (internet connectivity)?
Please keep in mind that only 1 SIM card will get mobile data, not both. You can set the SIM for mobile data in the settings.

Also please keep in mind that because of a hardware limitation only 1 SIM card can be set to connect to 3G/ 4G networks, the other one will be limited to 2G.


Thank you so much for the information!
Found also a Swedish article on dual sim card which explained similar things. Did what was suggested and both are working!!
Here is the link…but it is in Swedish.


Many thanks AnotherElk!

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