Dual SIM calls not working

I have an FP4 with one eSIM (Vodafone NL) for my personal calls and a physical SIM (also Vodafone NL) for work.
The “home” eSIM is the default one for all but the other one is also active. I do receive SMS on the “work” SIM too, but when I try to place a call with the “work” SIM it fails, normally with the error “invalid number format (incomplete number)”.
Has anyone seen this before? Am I missing something basic?

Does it work on another phone?
If so, does it work if you write Netherlands’ phone code instead of a 0 at the start of the number?

+31 number here
Instead of
0 number here

The physical SIM does work on another phone and works also on the FF4 when is the default one (or the eSIM is disabled).
As for the numbers, that’s not it: I did try of course forcing 0031 or +31, removing the trailing 0… but the same call goes through with the eSIM just normally, so the issue is not with the number I am calling.

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