Dropdown menu failour, Keyboard failour

since one week my FP2 activates the dropdown menu by itself, flickering up and down, activating all different items and so blocks the touchscreen. I made a reset to factory status and bought a new battery with no help.
Second problem is my screen keyboard: when phone is upright the two outside keys in the upper row are wrong, “q” and “w” show as “w”, “o” and “p” show as “p” same with numbers 1 (>2) and 0 (>9).
I would be happy for any solutions.
Hopefully, Anton

This looks like you have a problem with touchscreen. Both issues can be a problem with touchscreen, and they are probably related.
Do you have a #fairphoneangel in your vicinity to test another display module? Otherwise, I think changing the touchscreen should solve the issues (but I’m not 100% sure).

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You can use the drawing test of the #dic:checkup function in FP2 to test your touchscreen…


Thanks for the replies!

The flickering of the dropdown menu stopped spontaneously after 3 days of new battery??
The drawing test shows a blank stripe of 7mm on the left side of the display all the way down. Is there any possibility to fix that?
Up to now, when I need the key 1 or Q I improvise by either using the microphone function or if possible turn the display to horizontal.

That means your touchescreen is defective. If your phone is still under warranty, please contact Fairphone Support with a screenshot. Otherwise, buy a display module.
As I said, if you want to be sure, contact a #fairphoneangel and test (if you have the possibility).

Otherwise, if you are crazy enough, some people try to repair their touchscreen, but it’s rather a temporary solution, and probably a bad idea. FP2 Fixing non-responsive touch screen with an electronic lighter


The failour of the dropdown menue started again and I dont know any Fairphoneangel around Klagenfurt /Austria to test another touchscreen. I gave it a try with the electric igniter and it works for the moment. Thanks for the suggestions.

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