Drive Link and TMServerApp.apk

I tried to install “Drive Link” (you can found here ), an app for Android that permit to use smartphone through the display of your car.
But now I have a doubt, I haven’t the file “TMServerApp.apk” under system/app directory.
Someone have tried to install it on your FP1? Does it works? Do you have the file?

As it states that it only works on certain Samsung models, I’m guessing that this is the problem:

If you have non-touchwiz based rom you have to install Touchwiz framework to run Drivelink!

(from the site you link to)

So you’d likely need to load of lot of proprietary stuff designed by Samsung for specific Samsung devices on a non-Samsung device. Other than this being of questionable legality, I wouldn’t assume that this is going to be an easy thing to do…

Thanks for reply, as I understood the Touchwiz rom it’s not mandatory.
Probably version of FP1’s rom is so different from stock… :frowning:

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