Drag down menu tiles switch on even when inactive

Hi there,
I noticed that in the Fairphone 4 drag down menu in the homescreen (the one with the tiles for internet, bluetooth, brightness, etc.), the tile for “Internet” and “Wallet” remain light up (in pink on black background - for me at least) even if the internet connection and NFC are off.
Is this a design error, or are those features still active in the background somehow even when switched off? If they are still active, how can I completely turn them off?

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Primarily for clarification:

Is this the case even when both options for internet access – cell data and Wi-Fi – are off?

P.S.: The pink colour suggests that your chosen background wallpaper on your FP4 is somewhat red or similar. For the time being, you can only influence the active tile colour by choosing a different wallpaper.

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Thanks for your reply!
Yes, it happens when both data and Wi-Fi are off. The only way for the internet tile to turn off is when airplane mode is activated.
And for the Wallet’s tile, it still lights up when NFC is off.
P.S. Interesting to hear how the color of the background wallpaper impacts tiles color

Yes can confirm and I think this was already discussed somewhere for the Internet tile, dont use the wallet tile.

Thanks! I see, so this is a known issue. Do you know if there was any resolution for this? I cannot find the other discussion you’re referring to

No I think there was not solution, will try to find the other topic… As it does not bother me, I havent reported to support, so maybe tell them so it might be fixed some day

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