Download music for fp2


i want to ear music in my phone but i don’t know how do it. Can i download music for calls or sound??
thanks a lot!!!

Yes, to add your own ringtone or sounds, please save them in the folder: storage/emulated/0/Ringtones or storage/emulated/0/Alarms

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ok, thank you very much. But to donwload music?? with any app?? i can’t do it with some app like Deezer, Ringstone, etc…

Are you asking how to get your MP3s to your FP2?
Then one answer would be to connect your FP2 by USB to your PC and copy the MP3s you already own to the FP2 (either to storage/sdcard0/music, or to the above mentioned ringtone/alarm folder or to any folder you want).

If not, please specifiy a little bit more in detail what you want to achieve…
Why “Deezer” or “Ringtones” do not work for you (I don’t know both of them)?

Deezer is not a download, but a streaming service (like Spotify, Soundcloud, Napster, Amazon/Google/Apple Music). You pay €/£/$ 9.99 per month for it and then can listen to every track they have. Of course, those streaming apps have an offline mode, but you can’t download the tracks to any place you want and you can’t use the tracks outside their apps (e. g. for ringtone).

If you really want to download (and own) the tracks, you have to go to a place like Amazon and pay for each track or album you want to download.

Tracks for free downloading are available at Jamendo, which I never used. Please note that you won’t find any well-known tracks at Jamendo.

I do not know this service.

Another way (besides the USB cable) is to use programs such Ghost Commander to wirelessy copy files from your PC or NAS drive to the phone. I use it constantly as I have my whole collection of ripped CDs on the NAS.

thanks to all, i find it the solution with the app Ringtone Maker. :slight_smile:

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