Downgrade Fairphone open Android 9

I’ve upgrade the pushed Fairphone Open v21 (Android 9) OS.
Since then:

  • all my contacts gone
  • alot more battery usage.
  • camera sluggish
  • apps (firefox) crashes alot more than before
  • even phone itself crashes more frequently

Why would fairphone push this? (grrrr). What is the added value?
Can I downgrade? How?


I’m sorry to read that you have so many problems after the A9 upgrade!
To downgrade you can manually install the Android 7 version.
As a downgrade might need a factory reset anyway you might also consider to save all your data (resp. do a thorough backup) and do a factory reset now. It might solve most of the problems you’ve mentioned.


Greetings all, I recently upgraded to Android 9 and whilst the phone works well, I find the power consumption is high, so I permanently use ‘battery saver’! The camera is also hesitant in working each and every time I use it. I am reluctant to revert to an earlier version of Android so I will probably manage unless and until a major fault develops.

It is a known issue being worked on for the next update:

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Thanks for the replies.
I would like to avoid reinstalling everything.
Point I forgot:

  • At night I put the screen as dim as possible with the slider. After the update I have the feeling that this lowest brightness is none the less brighter than before the update.


I used to do it as well after the upgrade but stoped after a couple of days. My impression is, that the power consumption slightly better than before with Android 7. So just give it some time to get settled.


I’ve experienced a lot more battery usage since upgrading to Android 9 and am considering downgrading but wondered how you got on,
Did it settle down after a while or did you opt for the downgrade option?

I just kept using it in my normal way and after 1 week my impression was that it went back to the behaviour as before. But of course, i have no hard facts, i.e. measurements.

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yes i feel some things got better e.g. battery usage and crashes.
Do I do feel battery usage is still higher especially when using the camera.

My other points still apply but I did not downgrade is this does not exist: it is a reinstall.
Good luck!

I eventually downgraded back to Android 7, it was complicated for someone with little technical experience but luckily there are lot of nice people on this forum to help.
All the issues I had before have disappeared so I would highly recommend downgrading to anyone experiencing problems with Android 9

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