Doubting whether to get the new Fairphone 5, already owning a (slightly faulty) Fairphone 3+

Hi all,

I was hoping to get some opinions from the Fairphone community about my dilemma! Since the Fairphone 5 will get released soon, and it looks real good, I am wanting to buy one. However, I have also owned a Fairphone 3+ for three years, and from a sustainability point of view it feels a bit weird to buy a new phone if I have a modular one that is still supported for another year. However, the recycling programme looks promising as well.

Unfortunately, my Fairphone 3+ never really worked so well from the beginning. For example, it was always very slow, pictures took about 5-10 seconds to take, system UI stopped multiple times a day, screen colors inverted, buttons on the side stopped working randomly etc. This is a pity, since I really support Fairphone in their cause.

What are your considerations since the new Fairphone 5 is being released? Curious to hear.



Welcome to the Community :+1:

I think for most here it would be interesting to first know if you tried anything already to get your FP3+ into shape. First and foremost: Have you done a factory reset (erases all data)? Have you re-installed the operating system? By the way: Are you running the standard Fairphone OS the FP3+ usually comes with or a custom ROM?

And my personal “broken record” :wink: … how full is your FP3+ storage? (Settings > Storage) I’d keep 20% free to leave the system enough wiggle room.


Hi Jasper,

Here is my possibly controversial opinion: In the four years in between releasing the Fairphone 3 and 5, Fairphone seems to have made a lot of progress in designing the device. The FP5 has a considerable faster processor and double the RAM. The according to Fairphone, the pictures you take should be a lot better. There are also several reviews linked in the forum already that seem to give good marks to the FP5 in general.

If you can spare the money and are willing to take a small risk, I would recommend you get the Fairphone 5. It’s a completely new device launching with a way better android Version (in my opinion).

We are talking a lot about sustainability here, and i think that is great, but as I understand, you are not simply looking for a new device because you are bored, but you have considerable issues with your current phone. After three years, I think it’s absolutely okay to get a new phone if you have good reason.

One thing would be nice though: I you buy a new FP5, let us here in Forum know how good it works for you and don’t just put your old FP3+ in the drawer but resell it (here, to someone willing to repair it/for parts) or send it for FP for recycling.


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