DoubleTwist (mac) with FP?

Dear all,

I struggled a bit to get my FP to work with my Mac using DoubleTwist. Therefore I thought I would share the steps.

Actually it is pretty simple once you know it :smile:

  1. Connect the USB cable
  2. Click notifications, if it is connected as something else than USB storage, tap on the item and change it
  3. Once it is connected as USB storage, tap on “Connected with USB” in the notifications
  4. In this screen tap the button to activate the memory of USB storage
  5. DoubleTwist should now see your fairphone

It was the last point that got me stuck.
Also, my phone is in French thus some translations of labels might be wrong in my explanations.


Hi @Barth

Quick question: is this before or after the Cherry 1.6 update? Because I’ve used DoubleTwist pre-1.6 and didn’t encounter any problems. However, I haven’t tried it after the update. Thanks anyway!

Kind regards


I’ve moved this topic into the Fairphone Help! category to make it easier for others to help you :smile:

@Robin This is after Cherry Update. I am not sure if it changed or if I forgot about step 4.

I’ll give it a try and get back to you :slight_smile: !

If you find how to synchronise pictures and movies from the FP back to the Mac, I would be highly interested !

DoubleTwist doesn’t seem to find movies and pictures on the FP.

Best regards


When I connect my Fairphone to my Mac, and I choose “Connect as camera”; on my Mac the “Image Capture”-app automatically opens. I can browse the pictures only taken with my camera, still in the ‘default’ camera folder.

If you want to browse other ‘parts’ of your phone: please read this.


Thank you, it works. Still, I can’t use doubletwist for this, so if anyone knows how to get DoubleTwist to find images and videos I would be more than interested :smile:


Mine doesn’t seem to find pictures either, but I don’t mind, I share my pics/videos via Dropbox. I’ll look around on the internet and see if there are any solutions for this.

The point is that I would like to have my pictures and music from my computer sync with my phone in a simple maner. Going through several applications to sync different media in different directions, is not optimal. There are solutions for Android (and iphone of course with itunes) but they do not work with FP as far as I know.

Getting in touch with DoubleTwist at the level of the FP company might help motivate them to make it compatible :smile:

EDIT: a bit more information about the problem : If I mount with MTP, it doesn’t work although it should. If we could get doubleTwist to see the phone when connected with MTP we would be good to go. To be noted that MTP works seemlesly with Android File Transfer. When I connect as USB storage, doubleTwist sees the FP but actually only the microSD card.