Double tap to sleep + Google help/search on screen


got the new FP5 and I’d like to know:

  1. Is there a DD2S just like DD2W function ? I don’t like to press the button all the time to send the screen off.
    2.) How can I get ride off the google line on homescreen? where I put widgets.

Hey @me.home

Unfortunately there isn’t an equivalent option to send your phone to sleep.

You could set your screen timeout to the lowest settings of 15 seconds and enable the settings for screen attention. That way it’ll go to sleep quickly unless there is a face directly in front of the phone.

At present I think the only way to get rid of the google search bar is to install a different launcher app, or you could extend your homescreen and set the extended part as the default.

You can disable the app which implements the search line. Sorry, I can’t remember what it is called but you’ll surely find it.

The only problem is that then the search bar gets replaced with the date, and you cannot remove that…

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Its called Google :wink:


you can install 3rd launcher: Nova Launcher, have gesture for double tap (on homescreen only) with configurable action to sleep (and many others gestures) and search bar widget is fully optional/configurable…
but not sure if options you want is avaiable in free version as i have premium, but you can try it :wink:


OK, but I’d like to keep the Google when swipping left from home screen with the news…Samsung had the option to “delete” the line.

@ k3dAR yes, it worked with Nova. Looks better and the Google thingy is also away…

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