Double input on the keys of the keyboard


I have a weird behavior on my keyboard for a couple of days now, I’m not sure but it might be since the last update. Basically when I press keys on the right of my keyboard, it often triggers the one next to it. So pressing P presses O at the same time, pressing L presses also K, Backspace with M and Enter with Dot key… No super easy to explain so I made a video :

If I press the mentioned keys on the very right of it, on the edge the phone, then it’s fine I don’t have double press. But if I do a normal press without thinking about it, I will get the double press almost everw time, so it’s super annoying…

Thank you for your help

Hi, I have the same issues (and ghost touches too). You can try to clean the contacts between the main module and the screen but if it doesnt help you should check your screen with the drawing tool. I you can’t draw properly on the right side of the screen you should make some screenshots and sent it to fairphone support.

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Oh good thinking qbout the drawing tool. I cleaned up and the problem persisted, then on the drawing tool I saw that I couldn’t indeed draw on the right side. I’ll contact support, thanks !

In case of need you can check this thread:

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Please continue in the thread linked above for further questions.