Don't show automatically created Gmail contacts in contacts app

Hi, I was wondering if anyone can recommend a good, simple contacts app? What I don’t like about the built-in one is that it imports every single person who’s ever written a message in any e-group I’m in on Gmail, resulting in a ginormous list of people I don’t know and don’t care about. I’ve told it to only show my local contacts, but it still gives me the huge list. To me, my phone is primarily a PHONE, and I want to be able to set the contact list to only show people I have phone numbers for. I don’t see why that’s so unreasonable in a phone.

I’ve looked through a lot of contacts apps on Google Play, but all their screenshots show how you enter contact information, they don’t say anything about choosing what contacts it shows. TBH I’d rather it didn’t import anyone from Gmail at all, but that’s probably not an option.

Grateful for any suggestions!

This is not an issue with the contacts app, but rather with Gmail. You should look into Gmail’s settings and see if you can disable automatic contacts creation or the synchronization of the automatic contacts.


Aha, that makes sense. I’ve actually never even opened the Gmail app on this phone because I’ve hated it the few times I’ve tried to use it on other devices. I’m very much a “computer” person and find the app just too limiting. Your name looks Swedish, will you understand if I say oöverskådlig? :slight_smile: I’m used to seeing much more in the desktop version and the app makes me feel like I’m squeezing into a tiny corner of Gmail.

But I will search for it in the apps list and see what I can do, thanks!

I’m not seeing anything anywhere in Gmail’s settings about contacts at all. It’s just about how to display, delete and reply to messages. And the Contacts app – I’m not even sure why it has “accounts” in it, but it doesn’t even show Gmail, just Yahoo and Messenger.

All right, after hours of searching and googling for “how do I find” this and that, including searching through every link under Contacts on the Gmail website for hidden settings, I find that in the phone you choose Settings > Accounts > Google and tap Sync to get syncing options. The option that I assume is for contacts is called “person information”. There are not two options for my own contacts and automatically created contacts, like there are on the website.

So I’ve made sure this option is set to OFF. As indeed all Gmail options are set to.

I have spent hours deleting superfluous contacts from my phone’s contact list, and I assume if I were to turn syncing back on for Google “person information” they’ll all come back again, so I’ll leave it off.

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Actually I’m Austrian :wink:

Good to hear that you found a solution. It will help others that run into the same problem! :thumbsup:

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