Don't recieve MMS using wifi

Bonjour à tous !
Je ne reçois les MMS que lorsque j’active les données mobiles, et je ne les reçois pas lorsque je suis en wifi. Or j’ai un forfait avec peu de data, donc je ne l’active que très ponctuellement.
Ma question : comment configurer le téléphone pour recevoir les MMS en wifi ?
Merci à tous :slight_smile:

Good morning all !
I only receive MMS when I activate mobile data, and I do not receive it when I am on wifi. However I have a plan with little data, so I only activate it very punctually.
My question: how to configure the phone to receive MMS in wifi?
Thank you all :slight_smile:

Bonjour et bienvenue sur la communauté Fairphone !
Il me semble (mais je ne suis absolument pas sûr) que le Fairphone n’est pas équipé pour envoyer des MMS par le Wifi (le FP2 ne opuvait pas, mais le FP3 je ne suis pas sûr).
Désolé :neutral_face:

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I think (but I am absolutely not sure) that the Fairphone isn’t equiped to receive MMSes through Wifi (the FP2 couldn’t, but for the FP3 I am not sure)
Sorry :neutral_face:

Edit: Indeed, it’s not possible. See next post.

No french here but English. If I am not totally mistaken here, the big GSM and international telephone standardization organizations never went for inventing such stuff as alternate ways of delivering SMS and MMS, as originally or still at present today, especially SMS was gaps in the airwaves so to speak and empty space that could be filled with data in the very old and initial founding GMS standards, so they filled it up and used it for tiny pieces and bits of information, giving you the SMS functionality. MMS was never specified outside either in other ways than 3G data methinks. SMS is only as a definition a part of the GSM standard telephony services. If there is no GSM coverage, there is no SMS. MMS is similar on the 3G level if I am not mistaken, later implemented. Even more modern stuff was then later implemented in the late LTE era, when VoLTE appeared. LTE doesnt mean mandatory VoLTE and there are several iterations of LTE on the many components both on user equipment (phone) and the mobile provider side as well.

You can call people with no mobile network coverage just fine over VoWiFi, (WiFi calling) but not any other way if there is no mobile coverage at all (and obviously if your phone and mobile provider stack dont support VoWiFi add-on standards and means).

So we are left with no SMS and MMS delivery if the people only have a WLAN/WiFi connection.