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Thanks for sharing the love! You only have a few likes left for today.

This is just silly. I’ve been here for about 15 minutes today at most, so the limit is unreasonably low. However, regardless, all this does is invite nonparticipation.

If this is restricted then by Discourse trust level, so I doubt anything anyone here can influence


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It’s a Discourse feature, yes, but there should be some settings per individual forum, e.g. default rate for new users and rate multipliers for the various trust levels.

What’s the daily like limit currently for Trust level 2 (“Member”) here, @leomakkinje ?

Additionally it seems there could be some anti-spam stuff going on with likes, preventing too many likes in too little time, but this would give a different message to the user.

Just what I got from a bit of lazily skimming


@AnotherElk, the limit for Fairphone Community Forum certainly seems low, considering I’ve been participating here a darn lot for about a year. If a user getting about 25 likes and no reports at posts like Random Screen dimming (while brightness slider stays at 100%) after A12 update (I’m the initial reporter) is still subject to spam, that seems overzealous.

According to this its 50 x1.5 and not adjustable I would say…


All Likes settings are at their default value:


So, the setting says it’s 75 likes daily in this case. They seem to reset at UTC+0, if we’re on default settings.

The number of complaints about this certainly seems low, too.

I have no stakes in what this number is. Just continue to lobby for a settings change, or get to trust level 3, or prioritise your likes (as suggested by a Discourse co-founder).


Hmm, 75 is fairly reasonable. I must have worked up a serious appretite for Discourse somehow that day. Maybe, instead of limiting the likes, just bring any submitted by a user liking an insane amount to moderator attention? Or would that require changes to the codebase, best suggested at feature - Discourse Meta instead?

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