Don't have any connection - RF Cable almost broken

Hey Guys

Since I opened my Fairphone last week, I do have barely any service. Only in big Citys. My WiFi works but the nromale service doesn’t work.

The RF-Cable is a little broken (looks like I damaged id while opening) and holds together on just tiny pieces.

So my question; does a new RF Cable solve my problem with the service or not?

Thanks in advance


Since you got your Fairphone last week I guess you are talking about an FP2 (correct me if I’m wrong) so I moved this to #fairphone2help.

With RF cable, do you mean the antenna?
A quick internet search suggests RF connector (Wikipedia) and I’m sure there is no such thing in the Fairphone.

Hello Paul (can you speak German?) if not lets go ahead on english.

No, i just opened the back from my fairphone 1. Its about 2 years old. So please let this task in the fairphone 1 section. Well, if you go to spare parts on the fairphone 1, there is an RF Cable on the list. and my question is, if there is any connection between the broken cable and the no signal thing. =)

Thanks for the fast answer


Oh, so sorry, you are right, it’s really called RF cable.

:flag_de: Also alles retour.
Ich spreche Deutsch, aber da ich mein FP1 nie weiter geoffnet habe als, dass ich die Hinterklappe entfernt habe kann ich dir nicht weiter helfen.
Vielleicht könntest du ein Foto anhängen, damit andere Leute die ihr FP1 schon geöffnet haben einen Vergleich haben?
Auf Englisch wirst du wahrscheinlich mehr Antworten bekommen.