Don't be so shy with your numbers :)

I just noticed that the follower numbers on the community page on are quite outdated.

  • Facebook: says 135k, but is 141k
  • Twitter: says 32k, but is 35k
    and finally
  • Instagram: says 9k, but is 20k (almost 21, that’s more than doubled!)

Maybe @Monica.Ciovica can forward this, so the 20,000 additional people also get mentioned :wink:

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Mastodon/Fediverse says:

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… nothing?



Paula is probably pointing out Mastodon is not even listed in that page.

@Monica.Ciovica something you can do with this?
Not that I think it should be updated each time it grows, but specially the instragram difference is significant :wink:

Hi all,

Monica is currently on holidays but i’ll see what we can do about changing it :slight_smile: Thanks for being so alert and letting us know :wink:

Best, Lora


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