Don't archive posts (after 6 months)

All it does it mean that I have to create duplicate posts when an issue takes more than 6 months to solve. Because of my line of work (government, military) this isn’t unusual. However, it’s not like my circumstances are extraordinary regardless.

Reddit recently made post archival after 6 months opt-in rather than opt-out, and it has done wonders when discussing niche topics.

There’s no benefit to this. All it does is fragment discussions.


You can just ask the mods to reopen the topic by flagging it.


But why have it then, @yvmuell? I don’t see the point of using it. It just seems like it’s a barrier to participation after an arbitrary timespan, especially if a moderator can override it merely upon request.

I personally dont see the point of not using it and its in my eyes rarely causing issues.

However I dont know why this was decided.