Donate non-functional FairPhone for my environmental research?

Hello Fairphone Community!

I’m a PhD student working on comparing the life cycle environmental impact of several cellphones. I read Fairphone’s previous LCA study and really want to disassembly one unit to better understand it. Would anyone be interested in donating your non-functional Fairphone (1 or 2) for my study? I’m happy to pay for the shipment and will make sure it will be responsibly recycled after the study is completed.

Thank you very much!


@GinkoEagle where are you from? Maybe the #fairphoneangels can help you out locally, which would be better for the environment and save shipping costs.


Thanks Stefan! I’m based in California, the United States.


Oops, no #fairphoneangels in California yet… :blush:

Would it be possible to get help from local fairphone angels in Europe to ship me a sample? Thank you!

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