Doesn't work internet data (just WhatsApp!)

I have this strange problem with my almost new FP2. I have data on (like 80 giga of internet) but just Watsapp is working, every other page related to internet (google, mails, any app) doesn’t work (I read “internet error”). I called my company to see if could be a problem of line and they told me that if they check they see my phone correctly connected to internet without any problem. How can I solve this mistery?
Thanks a lot for supporting me!!! :slight_smile:

Your almost new FP2? Did you buy it second-hand? Because the last brand new FP2s were sold first quarter of 2019.

Under which OS are you running? Are you up-to-date? (Preferences→About phone→Build-number should contain 19.11.2 if you are running the stock OS)
Could you post the exact error you see? It could help to know.
Perhaps you could try readding the APNs (Preferences→Network and Internet→(Advanced)→Access Point Names). You should find the correct APNs on your provider’s website.


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