Doesn't charge when off

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Just noticed this now. Didn’t see any topic about this, so why is it so? I had the phone off, and then I plugged it, it switched on. Switched it off again, then it switched on again.
Will contact support.

as I explained in the second sentence: It has only LCD display. If it woul be always on, the battery would drain rapidly. When you charge your phone, batzery is not a problem because it gets enough power during charging.
So this behaviour is on purpose…

I know about Always on Display and this is not my question.
My question is why the phone can’t be off when charging. I do understand why it doesn’t need to be off because it gets enough power, but it doesn’t stay off even if I want to. I consider this as an unwanted behaviour and a bug. Any phone that I have ever held in my hand could do this, why not the FP4?


Go to Settings → Display → Screen saver
There you can choose what type of the screen saver and the second setting you can choose when it should appear. If you set it to never the screen should stay off also during charging…

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Unfortunately it doesn’t work.
So it does seem to be a bug. Thanks for the added info, I’ll report to support :slight_smile:

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Isn’t the issue that the phone is switched on when charging not that the screen is active ??

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For some reason the issue disappeared after a few days and didn’t appear again.

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