Doesn't charge correctly anymore

So, last week there was a software update and I don’t know if there’s any connection but since then I’m experiencing problems with charging my phone. Another detail which might be important to solving this issue: I’ve used a different charger for two weeks and then switched back to my original one (only telling because I read that one shouldn’t change the chargers to often).
The indication light, that there’s a power connection and that the battery’s being charged only shows up for about 20 min and then the current seems to be broken. The battery is now never charged more than 40% which starts to get on my nerves since the phone is new and I don’t want to have to charge it so often.

[I didn’t find any post which would’ve discussed this problem already]

Thanks for any help!

Hey @Kathi,
sorry for the late reply.
I never heard about the downside of switching chargers. In fact the issues you describe are usually solved by switching chargers/cables.
Charging equipment is often produced in low quality and therefore not a 100% compatible with all devices and also wears off easily.

Try a charger from this community list and a high quality data USB cable.

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I totally agree
Many people believe it is enough having a powerful charger at hand but neglecting the fact that also a good usb cable must be used.
Both parts must be of decent quality. Not only switch chargers, but also cables.


USB follows a standard. There is no “memory” included remembering any previously connected device. You may switch as often as you wish until you are satisfied. Also a “stronger” charger will not grill any device using standard USB.

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