Does WhatsApp work correctly with LineageOS 16.0?

I ordered FP3 and my FP2 with Lineage 16.0, TWRP, not rooted will stay within family. The new user insists on WhatsApp. Now my question:
If I install WhatsApp via Yalp on FP2, will it work correctly or is it necessary to install GAPPS respect. do I have to go back to the original Google Software? In the past neither Wire nor Signal worked well on pure LOS. There was no problem to send messages but receipt always froze and I had the impression messenger search Google-Services.

You can download WhatsApp directly from their website. This version works without Google services and has an integrated updater.


Thanks. This saves a lot of work for me.

It is not necessary to install GApps to have WhatsApp working. The only functionality you will miss, is the backup functionality, as it relies on Google Drive.

The way I work around that is using Nextcloud which uploads pictures as soon as I got them, and then deletes them (which saves space). Just ehh, don’t enable that for group apps.

I recommend install via Yalp or equiv (I recommend Aurora Store) because then you get software updates. Which sometimes contain important security updates.

PS: Tweakers recently had a nice article about life without Google (in Dutch)


I don’t have a FP, (would love the new FP3, but just can’t affort it… :frowning: )
But I do have lineageOS without GAPPS and just love it. On my reasonably old mi5 phone it runs very smoothly. Bizarre how much bloatware comes with manufacturers roms…

Yes, MIUI is far from stock Android. The Mi A-series are still cheap, but run something which more resembles stock. These are best bang for buck for new, non-fair/non-FOSS smartphone.

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