Does WhatsApp 'RESTORE' only work once?

Hi sorry hope someone might be able to help, just not sure what to do! I had 2 of my iPhone WhatsApp chats that wouldn’t be exported/emailed as they had too much media attachment. I realised this after I had opened emails with my other, smaller exported chats attached. So I deleted WA, then redownload it as before it had said the ‘restore’ option. It did not do that this time! So I don’t have my 2 chats, again! What do I do, or can you only ‘restore’ WA once or something? :frowning: I have tried to find online but can’t find out about it. Thanks in advance!

Which Fairphone do you have?

I see you want to restore chats from an iPhone. The Whatsapp app on Android uses storage in the Google cloud to retrieve your chats, but iPhones don’t save it there. You might need another iPhone to restore your chats and then move them to Android (I’m sure there are guides about this on the web.)

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