Does the world need another bumper-style case for the FP4?

Well, the world might not, but I did. And I’m liking it enough that I thought I’d share. It’s a simple, rubbery case, designed to be printed in flexible TPU plastic. It fits snugly and has already done its job at least twice without taking a scratch.

And if you want to tweak the design still further, I’ve also shared the OpenSCAD file.

You can find it all here on


Nice! Thank you for sharing!

Thanks for this! It’s exactly what I’ve been looking for. I’ve had my FP4 for 10 months now and tried 3 different TPU “protective” cases, but since they don’t offer any protection to the display side of the screen (even if the case extends 0.3mm beyond the glass), I’ve gone through 3 tempered glass display covers and 1 new screen. I’m not especially clumsy or anything; it’s just been bad luck that my phone consistently lands face-down from any height, onto any surface.

This model of yours looks like what I’ve been hunting for nearly a year now. Thanks again!

So, uh… My printer’s work area is just a bit too small for this.
Does anyone have recommendations for a good 3D printing service that can do TPU or silicone? I know there are plenty of options, but I’ve never used one before and all the recommendation articles I’ve found seem to assume that I want to place a bulk order.
Or should I just use this as an excuse to get a better printer?

Just to be sure you’ve checked this, will it fit on the build plate diagonally?

Unfortunately, it will not. It’s close, but not quite close enough.