Does the FP4 support wifi extender/hotspot function?

I’m going to buy a FP4, but an important feature for me is the wifi extender/hotspot function.
Means instead of sharing my mobile data via wifi, sharing(/extending) my wifi via wifi.

Does the FP4 supports that? For example for Samsung it’s a basic feature, but I know, that many phones doesn’t support it.

Thx. :slight_smile:

It does:

To test it, I’ve created a wifi hotspot on a FP4 that doesn’t have any cell connectivity (no SIM card at all) only wifi and could successfully connect to it / reach the internet using another FP4 :+1:


I can’t provide this info for the FP4. I haven’t tested it on my FP3, but at least I can provide that it has the option.

Thanks @hirnsushi and @waldie !

Thats exactly what i was looking for!
Sometimes I use it to share for example eduroam(university wifi) to others (or to not setup laptops), or use VPN with my app instead of the (shitty) AVM Windows client…and such kind of stuff.
So it was quite important for me to keep that.

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Keep in mind though that you can’t use WiFi and mobile hotspot at the same time. If you want to share your internet, it has to be your mobile data (I think this goes for all devices)

Isn’t it possible to connect to the WiFi and then tether(hotspotting) using bluetooth?

However if this is to work it would not be a good idea to use 2.4GHZ WiFi as that is the same babd that bluetooth uses.

On the FP3 when enabling Wifi Hotspot, Wifi is automatically turned off. When I turn off mobile data this changes nothing and I have no Internet on the connected device, also FP3 Hotspot can only be found by my FP2 when selecting 2.4Ghz.


So maybe it changed with FP4

Here a Diskussion about using 5Ghz Hotspot Option

This thread is specifically about sharing wifi, kind of like a repeater / range extender.

I’m very confident that there isn’t any mobile connectivity happening, the FP4 that creates the hotspot was never connected to any cell network. But just to be absolutely sure, I connected to the FP4 hotspot with my Nexus 4 that doesn’t have a SIM card either (deleted all saved wifi connections beforehand ofc) and that works as well, just had to switch to WPA2.

I can confirm that 5GHz is still not working and probably never will (as explained in the other topic).

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defenetly not, as the both above proofed and i used very often on Samsung devices.

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