Does the Fairphone provide a LDAC bluetooth connection?


On the fairphone 4 spec page there is no mention that the phone supports a Bluetooth LDAC connection (which would be odd considering it has no wired headphone connection). Fairphone 4 - Sustainable. Long-lasting. Fair. | Fairphone

However, on various posts on this forum users have reported that the Fairphone 4 does support LDAC.

Does it or doesn’t it? Also, what about the FP 3.1? As I’d get the FP 3.1 if it supported a higher quality audio connection than ACC.


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Did you search the site?



Why doesn’t fair phone confirm that the fairphone 4 supports LDAC on the products specification page? (rather than asking them on Twitter). For example, some users report “Fairphone themselves said they don’t support it [LDAC]. It’s also not listed on their website [it’s not]. So I think your app isn’t showing you the actual use of the codec.”

It’s a bit odd. If the fairphone 4 supports LDAC, why does the specification on the website say it only supports “AAC/AAC+/eAAC+” ?

Because it probably costs money to get it officially certified.

However according to Wikipedia

Starting from Android 8.0Oreo”, LDAC is part of the Android Open Source Project, enabling every OEM to integrate this standard into their own Android devices freely.[9][10] The encoder library is open source

… it’s possible to just use the open source encoder in AOSP.
If someone has successfully used LDAC on the FP4, that’s likely why it works. I don’t have :headphones: to test this though.



That’s interesting. Good quality audio and a 5-year guarantee certainly make the fairphone 4 the best choice for me and the planet. I’m being specific about LDAC support because that’s what I had on my, now broken, phone (LG V5). So, if LDAC works as “not advertised”, that would be great.

Though, I doubt even Fairphone can make a phone that’s climate future-proof (location dependent), going by the amount of Carbon Dioxide (e.g., burning fuel) and methane (e.g., farmed animals) that human activities are still emitting into the atmosphere.

However, I’m sure that the sense of urgency to mitigate the climate emergency will only increase as time passes. Some humans may implicitly choose denial when it’s convenient, however, most are not explicitly ecocidal

Thanks for the info.

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I received a fair phone 4.

LDAC definitely works (out of the box. e.g., a 600/660kbps rate).

Furthermore, when I enabled LDAC to be “optimised for best audio quality” in the developer settings, according to the Qudelix-5K app (for the Qudelix Reference DAC mini bluetooth AMP), the Bluetooth connection bit rate is 909 Kbps.

Qudelix app report:

Codec: LDAC
Sample Rate: 44.1 kHz
Bit per sample: 24 Bit
Bit rate: 909Kbps.

A high-quality audio wireless Bluetooth connection. Tested whilst streaming on Tidal HiFi (1411Kbps. 16 Bit. 44.1 kHz)

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