Does Google Android work on the FP4

Am I able to install Google Android onto my FP4?

You mean if you can switch from e/OS to the Fairphone OS? Its all Google Android as Android is from Google

And overall this is still true as you are in the US


I guess I am talking about FairphoneOS then. If it’s not e/OS/

Fairphone OS is very close to stock Google Android.


Awesome then that is what I want to install. :heart_eyes:

Which OS/ROM do you have currently installed?

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I have the stock operating system eOS

This is the official guide to install Fairphone OS (“Google Android”) in case one wants to revert back from a different OS:

The e/os documentation also links to this article for reverting back from e/os to Fairphone OS specifically (see section Roll back here: Info about Fairphone FP4 - FP4).

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I’m guessing you bought the US version from Murena then and not the one from Fairphone directly? (Otherwise you wouldn’t have /e/os preinstalled on the device.)

Just consider two things before switching OS:

  • Murena usually only supports devices with /e/os installed. Once you install Fairphone OS you may have to go directly through Fairphone for support/repair/replacement services (if you don’t do it yourself), which may require you to send your device to Europe. (I’m not exactly sure how Murena handles their US support. Best check their website before making a decision.)
  • Some modifications have most likely been made by Murena specifically to ensure reasonable feature support in the US. These will not work with FPOS, so be aware that things like your mobile network coverage and the like may not be as good as in Europe with FPOS.

I do have the US version :smiley:

I probably dont want to void my phone and have things go wrong :joy:

You bring a ton of great points and im much appreciated for the info

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Up until now I see no indication that Murena modify anything. It looks like they took the Fairphone 4, established that in the US it (unsurprisingly) works best with the carrier technically closest to Fairphone 4 home market (= European) networks, and then went with the respective disclaimer.


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