Does FP5 support rSAP?

Hi @all. Does anyone know if FP5 supports rSAP (remote sim access profile)? Thanks a lot in advance.

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Hi @Christian_Adorian,
yes, SAP (aka rSAP) is supported by FP5 and has been certified for it by the Bluetooth SIG (see here the listing details, you can access the supported profiles/services by opening “See supported layers”).



Awesome, thanks for the quick feedback!!

Hi @Chrissador can you tell us what this is and what it’s used for? Always happy to learn.

Some car audio systems do have an integrated mobile telephone. This doesn’t need a separate SIM, if it can access the SIM data of your mobile phone by the (r)SAP profile. Then your phone can stay in standby, saving battery power and you can make phone calls via the built in phone and antenna of the car.


Hi @Dryhte,
Sim Access Profile (SAP) or remote Sim Access Profile (rSAP) is a Bluetooth profile (or protocol??) that is used by some gsm modules installed in cars to be able to wirelessly lend the sim card information and use the cars external 2G/3G/4G… antenna for better transmission and reception.
Hope that made it clear for you.


SIM Access Profile is the official name of the profile. rSAP is often used to make clear that the access is remote. I don’t believe this needs pointing out, as all Bluetooth profiles access something remotely. Why else would one use a wireless medium?

More details, including a list of car manufacturers that support SAP, can be found in the Wikipedia.

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