Does FP5 support call screening like Pixel devices?

I am currently using a Pixel 5A and the battery is struggling to last after owning it since launch. I am considering getting the FP5 for a few reasons such as easy battery replacement. Despite looking for this, I have not found information. So is Call screening a feature that is already there, can I add it, or would I be SOL?

SOL? I don’t know what you mean by that. But as far as I know the call screening is a Pixel exclusieve feature and also only available in a few countries.

If by call screening you mean showing the name of companies that call you, that is AFAIK a feature of whatever phone app you are using. I have a FP4 with the standard Google phone app, which supports this.

showing business entries of companies at the moment of the call is not call screening.

call screening infos on suport google com

call screening is recording the call automatically (device based) and giving you a transcript etc.
screening such as in sun screen . blocking, protecting you instead of you taking the call yourself. etc.

sorta like that. there are other articles on the web that show details and give further info on this feature.

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Okay, thanks for explaining

SOL S*** out of luck

I still would like to know if this feature can be used with FP5. I am inclined to think so as I think just using the correct phone app " Phone by Google" would enable it, but I wanted to hear from someone who might have first-hand experience.

It’s a Pixel exclusieve feature, right? I see no information stating it’s a general Android feature. Are there non-Pixel phones with this feature?

From my understanding, it should be possible to use this feature if running the Google phone app, but I am not confident enough in that being the answer. I had hoped someone else with this phone has either done this, or at least tried although the lack of responses makes it seem unlikely.

As the FP is a EU phone mainly I very much doubt that such automatic call recording is allowed in all countries, so rathet difficult to make a general statement


It is available, but only on Pixels.

You can screen calls manually on Pixel phones in these countries:


So as Germany is listed for call screening on Pixel Phones I checked the settings of the stock phone app (=Google phone app) on the FP5 and thats all, no call screen (only a Spam Filter/Protection)

Tip: Manual Call Screen is also available in the US and Canada on selected Android devices.”

… says the same page, but yeah, it’s highly unlikely the Fairphone 5 would be a selected Android device outside its target market.


I guess I should have stated, but I do live in the US, so I am in the right market, The only thing I am unsure about is if FP5 is one of those “Select android devices” I would have hoped so because it is mostly stock android, but that is an assumption I should not make.

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