Does FP4 support 4G+ (4G plus)?

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I’d like to know whether the FP4 supports 4G+ (4G plus) and if yes, how can I see that I’m using it? I just recently saw a “4G+” icon on my father’s phone (Xiaomi) and was wondering whether my Fairphone does support it too.

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There’s no reason it shouldn’t as it’s not a different protocol, but phones are fickle. Do you get 5G where you are?

You really better ask support @ Fairphone though

LTE Advanced Pro

LTE Advanced Pro logo

LTE Advanced Pro (LTE-A Pro, also known as 4.5G, 4.5G Pro, 4.9G, Pre-5G, 5G Project)[42][43][44][45] is a name for 3GPP release 13 and 14.[46][47] It is an evolution of LTE Advanced (LTE-A) cellular standard supporting data rates in excess of 3 Gbit/s using 32-carrier aggregation.[48] It also introduces the concept of License Assisted Access, which allows sharing of licensed and unlicensed spectrum.

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LTE_CA should show as the Network Override Type in the Phone information menu via Dialer *#*#4636#*#* menu if LTE+ is in use.


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Yes it does. It shows as LTE next to your signal meter.

4G is just the marketing name for LTE.
LTE/4G and LTE+/4G+ are the same respectively and the plus just denotes carrier aggregation is in use.
I am not sure when, but I think AOSP stopped showing the + after 9.0 or so.


Yes, FP4 supports 4G+.

I frequently run speedtest at 300Mb/s speeds in 4G.

FP4 is a LTE “Cat18 1200/150 Mbps” device.

Aggregation of maximum 4 bands (for example in France : 800+1800+2100+2600).

4G “non +” is Cat4.

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Cool, thanks to all of you for your answers :slightly_smiling_face:

LTE or LTE+ are set by the network as descriptions they are not definitive.

I have an FP3 which this morning had 4G, then LTE+, then LTE, then 3G then E as I walked to the local village.

This is using EE in the UK

Different phones, networks etc. could bring up seemingly related names but different qualities.