Does FP3 support HDMI Alternate Mode?

Does anyone know if the FP3 supports the HDMI Alternate Mode standard which allows connection between USB-C and external monitors/TVs with HDMI 1x? HDMI Alt Mode can be used to show pictures/video content from the phone/tablet on a monitor or TV screen with just a simple cable and is common on many Android phones… Or is the only option to use a DisplayLink adapter?

No, it does not work, I tried it. I also consider it unlikely that DisplayLink works.

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That’s a real pitty. Anything that facilitates the use of a phone as the pretty decently specified portable computer that it is, seems to be closely aligned with the fairphone’s goals. Instead, this requires another whole device for many people just to put a browser on a bigger screen at a different resolution.

usb-c alternate mode is a non-negotiable for my next phone.

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