Does FP2 provide slimport connections?

I think it should as in the settings we have the option to transfer the screen (German: “Bildschirm übertragen”). So I tried to connect my FP2 first do a television screen than to a separate computer screen via a KanaaN SlimPort Adapter using a hdmi cable and a charging cable that can be combined wih the adapter. No result.

I wonder wether the FP2 is not capable of slimport connections at all or if my adapter doesn’t fit for FP2.

Is there anybody who did any testing on this issue as well or knows anything about this?

Thanks and cheers

I should say that I tried to connect to a LG Flatron IPS235.

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Bildschirm übertragen is meant for wireless (Miracast) screen sharing. MHL, like you want to use it, is not supported on the FP2:

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